About my

Greetings to all art lovers!
Since childhood I have been fond of drawing and photography, over time these activities have grown into a professional activity.
With the advent of new technologies, I began to master 3D graphics and web design. New opportunities for professional growth have opened up.
Experience in graphic design and painting paved the way for tattooing.
For an artist, the tattoo world is about other materials, tools, aesthetics and culture. Instead of brushes, pencils – needles and tattoo machines, instead of paper and canvas – human skin. The tasks remain the same.
In my work there is a place for humor, irony, surrealism and of course – eroticism.
I am interested in creative projects where you can use all your imagination and skill.
I give preference to the artistic and creative direction in the visual arts.

I accept orders for graphic portraits
I write on a tattoo
I carry out photography and photo processing
3D design and visualization – interior, dental prosthetics – www.3dentsolution.com
Happy viewing, yours Sergey Subbotin!

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